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Giving as a lifestyle doesn’t require huge amounts of money or powerful positions. It’s choosing to see the needs of others and taking action.

We want to hear your ideas for ways to give.

Tell how you and your family helped someone or maybe how someone gave to you.

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  1. We are hosting a little girl from Columbia for the summer. She lives in an orphanage and is in serious need of a permanent family. We are acting as her advocates to help her find this family. Its through an awesome organization called Kidsave. Check them out at kidsave.org. If you are interested in our story check out my blog at surferswifemotherslife.tumblr.com.

  2. I heard about your wonderful family via the Bellamy’s blog. It seems very fitting that God put your two sweet families in the same place.

    I don’t necessarily like to say what “I” give. I feel very privileged that I was given the vision and the passion to bless families who have babies born too early to survive. Whether a miscarriage or a baby born at 25 weeks gestation, those babies absolutely mattered to their family. I can’t fix the pain or take away the grief, but I can love them, pray for them, and send them a hat that is small enough to fit on their child.

    What started at as one hat for my best friend’s son, Calvin, has grown into a world-wide non-profit. We provide hats to hospitals so that those little ones will have at least one thing that truly fits on their tiny heads and we send hats to individual families who request them.

    I can’t make a hat no matter how hard I try. Yarn does not listen to me. But I can love people… and coordinate those with the ability to make the hats. Calvin’s Hats is an absolute joy and makes my heart smile on a daily basis.

  3. Today I gave (with my husband) by visiting my inlaws so we could work on their yard for them!

  4. This week we sent a house-warming package to my sister and her new husband. We had given them a wedding gift last month, but this week they were able to move into their own place on the base where he is stationed and so we sent them a fun package – complete with a flashlight, toys for their new kittens, first-aid supplies, a picture frame and a fun kitchen utensil or two. They are stationed in Hawaii and my sister doesn’t know anyone out there so she’s been pretty homesick and lonely – we just did a little something to brighten her day!

  5. Marlena U. says:

    Our neighbor was diagnosed with ALS about one year ago. She has lost her ability to talk and misses interacting with our two toddlers. We bring her and her husband treats and send them pictures of the kids. Her husband says that it brightens her spirit. Just a small gesture to make her tough journey a little bit easier.

  6. I give my daughters outgrown clothes and toys to Save the Family http://www.savethefamily.org/

  7. Annette D says:

    My family and I are so blessed. We have good health and the things that we need. Most importantly we have each other. We try to help others by volunteering in our community and by giving to those less fortunate. We volunteer at our local food bank by sorting food that is donated.

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